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Quotes from our founders

A close-up portrait of Gemma, one of Unspun's founders, wearing a casual olive t-shirt against a brick wall. Her expression is thoughtfully aloof, adding a comical touch that hints at the brand's approachable and unique character


"Buying CBD can feel complicated to a lot of people. As we were building the brand, we listened to what our customers were telling us and built our experience around that - things like free shipping and straightforward information were really important to people."

Gemma brings her background in user experience to Unspun.

Close-up photo of Joe, co-founder of Unspun, smiling with a window behind him, reflecting the inviting and friendly ethos of the brand.


"CBD can vary in quality. Based on our personal experiences, we chose to focus on Broad Spectrum CBD and found one of the top producers in the UK to partner with. We're also putting a lot of effort into making sustainable choices."

Joe brings his background in digital strategy to Unspun.