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Reducing our environmental impact

We are committed to reducing minimising our environmental impact. It's a complex, nuanced topic that doesn't always have straightforward answers. In this post, we outline our efforts across key areas and the rationale behind our decisions.

Types of packaging

Packaging is categorised into three types:

  • Primary packaging - this refers to the bottle or container that holds the product.
  • Secondary packaging - this is any presentation box that might contain additional information.
  • Tertiary packaging - this is what the product gets delivered in.

Our packaging choices

Our primary packaging (the bottle or container that holds the product) consists of glass or recyclable plastic. We chose these materials because they are highly recyclable within the UK's current recycling infrastructure and are relatively low energy to produce reducing environmental impact.

Our secondary packaging (boxes, postcards, etc) consists of recycled and recyclable card. This can be placed in your recycling bin as usual.

Our tertiary packaging (delivery packaging) is the most critical from an impact perspective. We use M1, M2 and M3 cardboard envelopes. We selected these because they are compact and lightweight, reducing the emissions generated during transportation. Additionally, they don't require additional tape or other sealing products that might hinder recycling efforts.

Labels have an environmental impact too

Our labels are made out of biodegradable paper, with a naturally textured matte finish. While having less impact than our packaging simply due to the comparative size, we wanted to avoid using non-recyclable vinyl labels on our bottles and gummies. This is a decision we might have to revisit in the future, depending on the durability of our chosen paper labels.

Local operations reduce environmental impact

We are a local business based in Staffordshire and our production lab is located in York. This means our products have shorter travel distances, resulting in lower emissions.

Minimising our environmental impact is an ongoing project that will never truly be complete. We will continue to update this blog post as our approach evolves and welcome your feedback on our efforts.

Please reach out to if you have any thoughts or suggestions.

Also consider taking a look at our recycling guide to find out how to recycle your Unspun CBD products.

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